„Free Coffee Space“ @ Kulturcafé Zett9 Theresienstraße 9

The Free Coffee Space is a place for ukrainian refugees. We want to offer you a location where you can calm down a bit and have the chance to organize your stay in germany. Therefore we offer you access to free wifi, the possibility for reasearch at a computer and free coffee and tea.

Starting on Monday 28.03.2022, the Free Coffee Space will open it’s doors from Monday to Thursday at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The Free Coffee Space is located in the „Kulturcafé Zett9“ in Theresienstraße 9 in Fürth.

Feel free to stop by! Kids are welcome!



This project is a collaboration of „Kulturcafé Zett9“ and the  „Jugendmedienzentrum Connect“ (department of youth work in the city of Fürth)